PRIZE: Trip to anywhere in the world for you and a friend!*


  1. Add $0 Giveaway Entry item to cart that has a subtotal of at least $10
  2. Spend $10+ per order on between October 1, 2016 - October 31, 2016
  3. You're all set!


  1. Promote your referral link and this giveaway between October 1, 2016 - October 31, 2016. 
  2. Encourage your followers to spend $10+ per order and add $0 Giveaway Entry item to cart
  3. Every sell you make that meets these requirements will also count as a no purchase necessary giveaway entry for you.

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    • You can enter as both an ambassador and as a customer.
    • More orders placed throughout the month = more entries.
    • Orders MUST include the $0 Giveaway Entry item in cart to be valid entry.
    • Winner will be randomly chosen.
    • If you are not 18 years old, you can enter through your parents by placing the order and/or signing up to be an ambassador under their name, with their permission.
    • $10+ per order must be you and/or your referral's subtotal.


1950 Collective– Golden Ticket Giveaway 2016 Promotion

Terms & Conditions

    You must be aged 18 or over to participate in the Golden Ticket Giveaway Promotion ("Promotion"). The following are not eligible to participate: (i) Employees and immediate family members of employees of 1950 Collective ("the Promoter"), any company responsible for redemption of prizes/vouchers or for supplying prizes for the Promotion and their respective franchisees, subsidiaries, agents and advisors, (ii) other persons assisting with this Promotion, (iii) any person not being an individual person, (iv) any syndicate or collection of persons acting in concert, and (v) any person entering via an agent or using the services of or which is an entity carrying on the business of entering (or advising on entering) prize promotions.


    Participation in the Promotion is scheduled to take place from 1st October to 31st October 2016 (inclusive) via



    3.1 How to Obtain Golden Ticket Entries (“Entries”) 
    Through, obtain a valid use of the $0 Entry Item when you spend $10 or more (must be subtotal) during the Promotion at 1950 Collective. Strictly one $0 Entry Item will count with purchases of $10 or more (must be subtotal). The promoter will not allow purchases to be split into smaller denominations to gain additional $0 Entry Items.

    3.2 How to Win:-
    3.3.1 Simply add the $0 Entry Item to a valid purchase. The winner will be chosen randomly. 

Please refer to the "How to Claim" section below. 

Promoter: 1950 Collective LLC, 807 Airport Access Rd. Unit D, Traverse City, MI, 49686.

3.4 No Purchase Necessary
If you are eligible, you may obtain Entries without making any purchase by joining our ambassador program through Any eligible person in our ambassador program who makes a sale containing the $0 Entry Item will have an entry count towards them for each sale they make as well. 







Win a Trip (worth up to $1500)



We will send the winner an email stating that they have won. The winner must respond by October 7, 2016. 

4.2 Further Prize Details and Conditions:

The specific conditions attaching to each prize-type within this category are:

4.2.1 Win a Trip (worth up to $1500) - Prize consists of $1500 to be used for a getaway to anywhere in the world. Suggested use of the $1500 on 1950 Collective social media depicts the prize through Groupon Getaways air-inclusive packages, but does not have to be used in that manner. Some packages through Groupon Getaways are cheap enough to take another person, but any social media claim to travel with another person only applies if it falls within the $1500 limit. All elements subject to availability in the relevant booking classes at time of booking. The prize can be claimed at any time, at the winner's discretion. After the $1500 has been paid by the Promoter, they are not responsible for any other aspect of the giveaway including booking, travel, safety, and anything else that may come up. The only responsibility of the Promoter is to ensure the winner receives the $1500 necessary to travel. Anything else must be taken through the appropriate channels. 

The Promoter will not be liable for any claim from the winners regarding this prize.

All advertisements depicting the prize and prize descriptions are illustrative rather than definitive. Reproduction of any prize-imagery does not thereby imply any endorsement or association by the producer of that prize-type nor by the owner of any brand associated with that prize-type. 

All un-awarded or unclaimed prizes will lapse if not the subject of valid claims and the award of which has been completed within the time limits as prescribed by these Rules and in any event by 7 October 2016 at the latest (unless otherwise specifically stated). 

To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law (but not otherwise) the Promoter and its agents assume no responsibility and are not liable for:- (i) the accuracy or otherwise of the prize description or illustration, (ii) the non-availability, loss, interception or interference with, late or non receipt or damage of or to any entry, prize claim, Golden Ticket Entry, voucher-prize, voucher, prize or notification or other communication, (iii) (other than those warranties or conditions implied by statute and which cannot be excluded by the Promoter) any representation, warranty, condition or guarantee in respect of a prize, (iv) any taxes, fees, charges or other costs which winners may be required to pay at any time in connection with a prize, or (v) any actual or perceived loss of opportunity or damage arising in connection with the termination or suspension of the Promotion (or any part, feature or element of the Promotion) at any time if due to supervening circumstances beyond the Promoter"s control.

The Promoter may (i) extend any time limit or waive any of the Rules where a person might otherwise have been disqualified or otherwise disadvantaged (without obliging the Promoter to relax the Rules on any further occasion for that entrant or at all for any other person), (ii) terminate or suspend the Promotion (or any part, feature or element of the Promotion) at any time due to supervening circumstances beyond the Promoter"s control including (without limit) those which the Promoter determines have or are likely to compromise the security or credibility of the Promotion (or the affected part, feature or element of it), and (iii) substitute a product deemed to be an appropriate replacement and of equal or greater value in the place of any of the prizes (or any part of a prize). The Promoter"s decision in the exercise or interpretation of any of its rights or discretions in connection with these Rules shall be final and binding.

      In administering this Promotion, the Promoter may collect personal information from you and, unless it has first obtained your consent, the Promoter (i) will not collect more of your personal information than it needs for the purposes of administering and analyzing this promotion securely, lawfully and efficiently and of carrying out publicity as stated in these Rules, (ii) will only use your personal information for that purpose which may include transferring your personal information to its associates and (if relevant) to any partner of the Promoter responsible for fulfilling your prize. 

      If entrants select the opt-in feature to receive marketing communications from the Promoter when making an entry, omission to opt-in again when making a subsequent entry does not represent a valid request to opt-out of receiving those communications; entrants who wish to opt-out having previously opted-in at the time of an earlier entry must follow the instructions on the website to opt-out of receiving those communications. 

    1. GENERAL
      All instructions, rules and conditions on any advertising or promotional materials relating to this Promotion form part of the Rules although, in the event of conflict, these provisions shall prevail over all such other instructions, rules and conditions. Expressions which have been defined above shall have the same meanings when used in such other instructions, rules and conditions wherever the context admits. No claim under or participation in this Promotion or any Golden Ticket Entry is valid in combination with any other offer or promotion, save to the extent expressly stated herein.

      Should you be a winner of the prize, your name and country together with the prize won shall be publicized on and may (in the Promoter"s discretion) be used to publicize the Promotion on social media. Also, you agree that the Promoter may publicize (including in advertising) in connection with this Promotion. 

      The Promoter may carry out such background checks and require such information (in addition to the information required to be given on entries or prize claims) as they consider necessary or desirable for the purposes of verifying any entry or claim and an entrant"s/claimant"s compliance with the Rules and any prize may be withheld unless and until the Promoter is satisfied with the verification. 

      Should the Promoter determine based on the evidence in its possession (and in the Promoter's sole opinion) at any given time that (i) any entry is incomplete, damaged or unreadable or is made by an ineligible person (ii) any entry or entrant fails to comply with any of these Rules or (iii) any person is misusing or tampering or attempting to misuse or tamper with the proper conduct of the Promotion, then the Promoter may adjudge (in its sole discretion) that such entrant is ineligible to take part in this Promotion and every other promotion or offer of the Promoter and every entry, claim and request by that entrant then in process shall be invalid and have no force or effect so that 1950 Collective is entitled to disregard them all. 

      Reference in these Rules or any advertising or promotional materials to any person as a "winner" shall not imply that person has been verified as a winner unless such reference is in a context where the award of the prize has already been made.  

      All age limits shall be deemed to be actual age as at the time of acceptance of the Rules, unless expressly stated otherwise in these Rules.

      The Promoter may (in its sole discretion) decline to enter into any correspondence save as otherwise stated in these Rules.

      Any person with a disability preventing compliance with any stated requirement for participants should contact 1950 Collective

    All artwork, elements and other trade marks and trade names featured in these Rules and on all Golden Ticket Entries, advertising and other promotional materials themed on Golden Ticket Giveaway are owned and licensed by their respective owners and all rights in or over the same are reserved by the respective owners.

    Promoter: 1950 Collective LLC, 807 Airport Access Rd. Unit D, Traverse City, MI, 49686.